We now have ICA-39 accreditation for interstate orders - all plants will be sent in pots with appropriate paperwork if your state requires it.

Welcome to Kingfisher Orchid Nursery.


Welcome to Kingfisher Orchid Nursery.

We're commencing business as an internet & mail order business. Our nursery isn't open to the public, although if you would like to pick up your purchases you can make an appointment.

Orchids travel very well in the post - we package them very carefully, and only post on Mondays and Tuesdays (so that they won't spend the weekend in the post). We use Australia Post - we've found them more reliable than any courier company.

For the moment, we're unable to sell to Tasmania or Western Australia due to quarantine restrictions.

I'll use this blog to give our news, some of my thoughts on various aspects of orchids and how to grow them, and to let you know if we have anything special for sale.