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Dendrobium speciosum var. speciosum ('Windermere' x 'Georges River Special') x 'Windermere'

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Seedling of D. speciosum var. speciosum ('Windermere' x 'George's River Special') x Windermere. A line bred var. speciosum, 3/4 Windermere, and 1/4 George's River Special. Looking for flowers similar to Windermere, with slightly wider flower spacing courtesy of George's River Special. Cream-to-Yellow flowers.

Variety speciosum is the southern form of this widely distributed species - it occurs naturally from just north of Newcastle, down to just over the NSW/Victoria border.

1st photo shows the two parents of the cross - 2nd and 3rd show the plant for sale. It's established in an 80mm pot.


Sorry, no sales to Tas, WA or the NT due to plant quarantine legislation.