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Dendrobium speciosum v. curvicaule 'Eungella Princess' x 'Moonbeem'

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This is a cross between two great speciosums. Both parents are D. speciosum variety curvicaule, which is the form found in the Mackay hinterland. This variety is particularly prized by orchid growers and judges for its shape, texture and the neatness of the flower arrangement on the flower spike. 

'Eungella Princess' was originally a wild collected plant, found in cyclone debris being cleared off the road at Eungella. It has fantastic shape and good arrangement of chunky cream flowers.

'Moonbeem' (which is a selected seedling of 'Bee Creek' x 'Daylight Moon') has long beautifully arranged racemes. It was bred by Ross Harvey (who was in business as Cedarvale Orchids).

Seedlings are established in 80mm pots as shown in photos 2 and 3. Flower photos show both parents of this cross. Sorry, no sales to Tas, WA or the NT due to state plant quarantine laws.