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Cattlianthe Trick or Treat 'Darkest Orange' x sib

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Seedling of Cattlianthe Trick or Treat 'Darkest Orange' x sib in an 80mm pot. These cluster Cattleyas produce a bright cluster of orangeflowers - they really brighten up the shadehouse when they flower around September. Grow to flowering size quickly. Tough as nails - these are the some of the most robust Cattleyas that I've ever grown. Photo 1 shows the flowers of the parent 'Darkest Orange' - it stands out as being a substantially deeper orange than any of the others I have ever flowered (which is quite a few!). These are seed raised plants, so minor variation in shape and colour will exist in these seedlings.

Photo 2 and 3 show the size of the plants for sale.

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