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Dendrobium speciosum v. grandiflorum 'Kroombit Compact' x 'Oh Sugar!'

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Seedlings of Dendrobium speciosum var. grandiflorum 'Kroombit Compact' x 'Oh Sugar!'.

Both parents of this cross originate from Kroombit Tops in Central Queensland. 'Kroombit Compact' is an unusually compact plant for a grandiflorum - it's flowers are not the most spectacular I've seen on a speciosum, but it has a very dwarf growth habit. Colour is quite good, and shape is decent. Flowers are a bit spaced out on the raceme.  'Oh Sugar!' is one of my best showbench and breeding grandiflorums.

In the general run of things, grandiflorums can take up a fair bit of room in the shadehouse. I'm hoping to get some compact plants (at least for a pure grandiflorum!) out of this cross.

First photo shows the two parents - 2nd and 3rd show the size of the plants for sale. They're established in 80mm pots.