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Rlc. Village Chief Chanel 'Kingfisher' x Ctt. Aussie Sunset 'Fred'

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This is a new hybrid from our breeding program. Rlc. Village Chief Channel 'Kingfisher' is a startling yellow-and-deep red cluster Cattleya, with a bold flare pattern.  It usually has about 4-6 flowers on a strong stem. Ctt. Aussie Sunset is well known - a stunning orange and red cluster Cattleya with a yellow flare.

We're expecting this cross to produce a lot of colour in sunset shades, with splash patterns.

First photo shows the parents of the cross. 2nd and 3rd photos show the size of the plants for sale. They're established in 80mm pots.

Sorry, no sales to Tas, WA or the NT.