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Vandachostylis Pine Rivers 'Pink'

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Vandachostylis Pine Rivers 'Pink' is an easy-to-care-for Vanda orchid that thrives in intermediate to warm temperatures and medium to high light. We've established these plants in Vanda baskets with large well-draining bark mix, so they're good to go. They shouldn't need repotting for quite a few years.

These appreciate being fertilized and watered more often in the Spring and Summer, with water reduction in the Autumn and Winter. In cooler areas, cover the plants in Winter and water only on fine days.  These are hardy plants, and will reward you with beautiful sprays of pink flowers in late Spring/early Summer.

Flowers will be identical to the first photo. Size of plants for sale is shown in photos 2 and 3.

Sorry, no sales to Tas, WA or the NT due to state plant quarantine laws.